He's mad at me over the fucking movie.

He doesn't care how hurt i am, he's still pissy with me for seeing a movie I had no idea he wanted to see.

It's like I'm livin' in a fairytale~

 Had a fun day today. Did some mad dancing with my friends at college while they waited for their next classes and I waited for my ride. Put some songs on my laptop and we danced. it was fun C:

...one of the girls smelled like cat pee, though, which was difficult to be around..though I'm used to the smell (I don't clean my catbox as often as I should :x )

 Other than that, nothing special to note.

Stupid scanner

 I spent an hour or two drawing a little picture of my new character Ishie (Ish) for a story I'm working on with some friends, only to have the scanner dull the colors. I'd be fine with it if it didn't make the lines all light and gross, too.

Anyone know how to fix them in photoshop at all? ;; the picture's only on my FA right now..I'm sort of..migrating there. It's more fun, and friendly there so I've been much more active there than DA. I'm thinking of eventually completely abandoning my DA except to comment on art by my friends and people I really admire that're only there, but I dunno.. my art roots are on DA. All the fanart on there is the reason why I started drawing...Because I wanted to be able to draw the funny ideas I had, too. ...Yet today, I draw maybe one fanart piece a year, if that?

I hope my next order of copics come today or tomorrow ;; I wanna color a cute picture of Candy I drew on Monday, and I don't have ANY of her colors (Ordered them all and then some..good thing she's got simple colors)

I'm gonna go make pancakes :>

Also: Still happy with life. Hoorah. Got a little angry yesterday (or maybe it was the day before..my days blend together during school)  because a kid named Sean was being a dick.. Like my friend Kayla was making a weird face so I asked her what I missed, because I wasn't paying attention, and was talking to my friend Amber, and Sean says "NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!"  Ugh I don't know why he hates just me... But whatever, he's not really worth thinking about. 

Happy happy dayss~ Had a snow day today :> because of icey rain I guess.  


I'm sooo happy I don't have to work today! Tomorrow at 8 but today I'm free to relax! Thank god.

I should work on pictures I owe people buuut...Dead Rising looks oh so tempting....as does my bed .___.  

I dunno, I just don't feel like using up my last vacation day (meaning work AND school free) drawing for OTHER people. I'd rather do it during the week.

Heh..good thing these are out of the goodness of my heart and not paid for or I'd feel really bad... I wanna take on commissions one day, though, and if I can't even draw for FREE I'm gonna have problems..

Mm anyway..my mom found an entire FULL box of Rocher chocolate thingies at work and brought them home. Goood they're so yummy. I wish it was dark chocolate, though..

yadda yadda yadda I'm going back to bed before I'm too awake.
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Fresh Start!

 I deleted every single old entry in here. Knowing all these bad memories were here kept my mind on them..I need to throw it all out the window and stop dwelling on the past!

 I'm still going along with my changes. I'm keeping most of my bad thoughts inside (slip ups here and there ;; but nothing too bad..).

 I'm doing good. Deetz says I'm doing good, which makes me happy. He's one of the people I changed for and if he can see it then I must be doing something right! Hopefully everyone will be able to see one day.. Maybe one day I'll gain everyone I've lost back.. 

 I'm going to be more careful with my words no matter what.. Stupid thing on dramachan happened.. Something involving charities and junk and I just didn't understand what was going on at all and it just made my stomach hurt. It was awful..I'm not a bad person, am I?

Oh well. I got my copics today :> Not many, just twelve, but I just ordered some more, individually, so they should be here soon, I hope. Stupid holidays, though, they won't ship until Monday.

I've felt incredible since I started going out with Fraiser. Even if he's a shimillion miles away, I feel amazing knowing someone loves me. I'm going to go to AC so I can meet him in July. A little nervous, but I'm excited.  I need to get a new job  (I hate my current one..they're a mess over there and..ugh it's just one frustration after another) and save money for there.  If I don't have to work tomorrow (PRAY TO GOD I DON'T. I prolly won't, they usually don't need me on saturdays. I got to call in the morning because they didn't finish the schedule when I called .___. stupid). 

I just..feel so light and happy.. and amazing. Even though so much bad shit happened, mostly caused by me, last year...it's a new year. Forget about it all! Fresh start! Work hard, and succeed! 

I feel especially good.. I'm still so happy, and so under control even though my obsession with the Joker has mostly subsided. I don't need a crutch.. I still listen to the Mark Hamill laughs when I'm bummed out, but...I can be happy on my own.

I'm crying right now...and for the first time in forever, it's because I'm HAPPY.

Ha that was dorky.
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